APPD Cares, Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

Happy Sunday, AP. I hope you are enjoying a delightful weekend.

I am excited to announce a new program brought to you by the fine men and women of AP Public Safety Services. Working in cooperation with APFD and AP EMS, we are eager to share with you our new Care Program. The program is designed to deliver crucial information into the hands of public safety officials quickly during one’s most critical time of need.

We’ve developed a registration form where you can sign up yourself or another who has a vulnerability or special need and provide us with the information and necessary documentation. This way we are prepared in the event we are summoned for emergency services or encounter your loved one in the field.

Examples of those intended for this program include individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, or other serious mental health or physical disabilities. Each registration will be closely reviewed and shared with those AP public safety officials in need of such information to provide the necessary public safety service or response.

They were there during our most vulnerable period in life…

… now’s our time to be there in theirs.

– Chief Eric Blanchard

Learn more by visiting our dedicated page at and get your loved one registered today!