Bee Attack, Public take Caution

Officers have responded to a bee attack in the 900 Blk S. Ninth. Officers reported that the bees were actively attacking the victim when they showed up. Both officers were also attacked by bees but not seriously injured. The victim was stung several times and is being treated by medical services.

We have identified the bees as Honey Bees and they are acting highly aggressive towards anyone in the area. We are actively working on this event with animal control.

We want to urge residents to avoid the grassy area behind the residence located at 931 S. Ninth Street. We also want to urge folks to take caution when wondering off into heavily wooded areas around town.

*UPDATE: 6:49pm Animal control advises the evening times are when bees normally swarm so folks need to be cautious right now while walking in or around wooded areas.

Also, please specifically avoid the 900 Blk through the 1000 Blk of S. Ninth in the wooded area. The victim was attacked in the 1000 Blk and at least one officer was stung six times in the 900 Blk of S. Ninth.