Best Part of Shrimpree, 2019

The best part of Shrimporee 2019 PIG-E-MON Super Heros! – Shrimporee is upon us, and we are excited!! Our staff will be on site with fun & games which include prizes and lots of public safety information.

Is your child ready for an adventure?!! We hope so because he or she could win BIG! And, if they don’t win big, that’s okay! Just adopt’em a furry friend to take home from our animal control service which will be on hand hosting an adopt-a-thon. See, now everyone can be a winner! 😉

Just like last year, Pig-E-Mon Trivia is back! Players have a chance to earn a raffle ticket by playing Pig-E-Mon Trivia. Players who answer all the questions correctly will receive a raffle ticket toward a chance at winning the grand prize. There will also be second and third place prize winners, as well. To play, stop by our APPD public safety tent. It’s that simple, you’re in! So, what’s the grand prize?

The grand prize winner will receive a two night stay on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and four accompanying tickets for Sea World, San Antonio.

Shhh!!! We have a secret to share. Wanna know what it is?

[popup text=”Reveal the Secret…” header=”SHHHH….” animate=”true” icon_before=”puzzle-piece” icon_after=”puzzle-piece” color=”blue” size=”xxx-large”]


Here are some of the questions for the scavenger hunt so you can be ready for Shrimporee!

  1. I like to drink root beer or lemonade while wearing my cowboy hat, just like Pete. Who am I?
  2. Lots of people like apples, but I prefer mine candied or with chamoy on them. Who am I?
  3. My best friend prefers buttered popcorn, but I prefer this sweet and salty snack. Who am I?
  4. I loooove TACOS! The name of this booth has a different word for love in it. Who am I?
  5. If I fall down and hurt myself, my friends with Emergency Medical Services can help me. Who am I?
  6. One day I would like to own an exotic animal like those visiting Aransas Pass today. Who am I?

SHHHHH……! Let this be our little secret!!!


[panel style=”primary” title=”Special Shout-Out to our GRAND PRIZE Sponsors!” text_align=”left”]Aren’t these some awesome GRAND PRIZES!! Be sure to thank our sponsors. They are Ads Venture Media, Wyndham Garden, and the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce.[/panel]

[jumbotron title=”GRAND PRIZE!!!” bg_color=”#000000″ title_size=”30px” text_size=”24px” text_color=”#FFFFFF” text_align=”center” align=”center” wpautop=”true”]
2 Nights – Wyndham Hotel – San Antonio Riverwalk &
4 Passes – Sea World – San Antonio

Collect ’em all!!

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