Burglary Spree, Suspect Arrested

Johnny Unger AGE 18
Theft & Poss. of Meth
On the morning of Wednesday, 11/07/2018, officers received several burglary reports from multiple victims. Approximately nine vehicles were burglarized. The general location was the Windy Shores subdivision. One of the stolen items was a computer/tablet.

The victim was able to use the devices GPS to find it. Additionally, the victim watched as the suspect Johnny Peters Unger (age 18) used the device to log into his Facebook account. From the information gathered from the victim, police were able to track down the suspect’s whereabouts and vehicle and recover the stolen computer. Police also recovered stolen property from another one of the burglary victims.

As police further searched Unger’s vehicle, they located a usable about of meth inside the center console along with a syringe.

Unger was arrested and charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance (meth). At this time, police continue to investigate to see what Unger’s connection was to the nine burglaries.

If you have any tips or information about this case, please contact the police department or send us a tip at https://p3tips.com/437 or by calling 758-TIPS.

And, remember…

You can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim by following these four simple tips:
1.) Always lock your car doors
2.) Don’t leave valuables/weapons inside your vehicle
3.) Park in well-lit areas
4.) Report any suspicious activity to police