Chief Citation Issued

This past Friday at the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, I recognized IT Manager David Offalter with one of the highest awards I can issue. It is not often the Chief’s Citation is handed out. The award is reserved for occasions where one’s action or effort rises well above, and because “well above” is a trend here within the APPD, one must rise even higher above!

David has worked within the community since 2009 after having served some time in the military including during a time of conflict. In the beginning, he served as a telecommunications officer and then became the telecommunications supervisor. When I arrived, I shared big plans with David and quickly learned he would become integral part of those plans.

Since that time, David has completely overhauled technology within the PD. We have become a technology leader within public safety, and David works with some of our software vendors testing and helping design new products to support public safety efforts nationally. He’s since earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology and continues to pave new roads towards public safety excellence.

David rises above in his level of commitment to the service. He is always available to staff for both for work and personally related IT issues. He never has to be told or taught twice. He listens and acts when he knows he should even without direct instruction/request. He also learns as he goes and retains knowledge though his photographic memory. It isn’t uncommon to find David providing support and assistance to outside agencies as well. He has provided support to agencies in Kingsville, Elgin, and many others. Our public safety success would not be where it is today without his astute and committed work ethic.

Thank you, David. I am honored to award you the Chief’s Citation for public safety excellence. I am also blessed to serve our wonderful community along side you.

PS. – Do not mind his dress. We surprised him by calling him out after hours to the chamber event for a MAJOR technology failure. Boy was he surprised!! ?

– Chief