Further Clarification from the Chief – KIII News Report on COVID-19

On Saturday, 07/11/2020, I participated in a live video session for the Facebook Page “Bring Back Live PD.” During the live session, I took questions from the audience. You can view that video here.  

On Monday, 07/13/2020, Rudy Trevino, with KIII TV News, contacted me and requested information about a stance or position he was told I took during the live video recording. It seems to me he was speaking about the following snippet:

As is typically the case, the news cannot always add complete context to what transpires during a one-on-one meeting between a reporter and the person being interviewed. As a result, it’s important you get the full story as recorded. Further, KIII News had an expert on talking about police discretion to enforce or not enforce certain laws. Again, one will understand the entire context of my discussion with Rudy by listening to the attached 11-minute phone call. The phone interview between Rudy and me went like this:

During the conversation, I reference orders or instructions to staff on how to operate during this pandemic crisis. View the documents below.

But, don’t stop there. Please review the Governor’s order so you can understand the position of local law enforcement.

If you have any questions or comments about this event, please feel free to reach out to me by phoneemail, or in person. I welcome all contact.