Hot, Hit Cop Tip – Mobile Security!

In keeping with our new tradition, we bring you this weeks Hot, Hip Cop Tip – Mobile Security.

You may recall last weeks tip on Identity Theft and Fraud. During the holidays, this topic becomes quite important. We want to make sure you stay informed, as an informed target is a far less desirable victim when it comes to these types of crooks. Nowadays, mobile or smart devices are vital pieces of peoples’ daily activities and lives. Many folks use their smart devices more then they typically do a computer when it comes to email, social media, online purchases, and even banking. Imagine the data-goldmind that awaits these fraudsters out there. But not only are these devices targeted by fraudsters, they are also desired by your common, everyday thief.

Are you prepared to hand your device over to a thief, or worse, an identity thief? Our mission today is to prepare you in the event your smart device is lost or stolen.

Learning Objectives

  1. Securely lock your device,
  2. Encrypt your devices content,
  3. Protect your device from malware,
  4. Enable your devices “Kill switch” feature,
  5. Remotely track your device, and
  6. Remotely wipe your devices data.

Download the Tutorials

Apple Security Settings Tutorial
Android Security Settings Tutorial

(Both tutorials require Power Point. Download Microsoft’s Power Point Viewer here.)