Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey intensifies, the City continues preparations. You should likewise prepare. Do not depend on the government, as our resources are limited and our demand on maintaining the City infrastructure is great.

This page will auto-update every 120 seconds as long as you keep it open in your browser. Scroll down for latest updates.

View local conditions live from the Conn Brown Harbor webcam at

Updated Storm Map

Updated @7:00 p.m.

UPDATES: 9/1/2017

@9:56 p.m.

Thank you for following us during Harvey. Thank the good Lord that one is behind us. For the latest recovery news, follow us on Facebook.

UPDATES: 8/25/2017

@7:09 p.m.

– We have sporadic services with our phone and 911 lines. If you try to call 911 or our non-emergency line and do not get us, call us at 361-332-4711 (backup line).
– SHELTER IN PLACE, we are experiencing very high winds and visible damage across town.

@6:07 p.m.

– Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 4 hurricane and is 10 miles off shore, moving at 8 MPH to the NW.
– Sustained winds 130 with gust up to 160 MPH.
– In AP they measured 90 MPH wind gusts.

@4:23 p.m.

4pm Weather report from John Metz with the Weather Service.
– We’ve only experienced about half Harvey’s intensity. More to come.

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@4:13 p.m.

Images from recent patrols.

@2:32 p.m.

Images shared around town from 1pm.

@2:06 p.m.

– Harvey is a Category 3 Hurricane.
– According to John Metz, National Weather Service, the edge of the hurricane eye wall will be reach Aransas Pass at 7pm.

@1:41 p.m.

– By order of TCEQ, the City of Aransas Pass cannot keep City water up and running. Water services will be turned off at 2pm. You may have some residual water in the line and under pressure, but consistency of water service will not be guaranteed after 2pm. The purpose of shutting off water is to protect the overall integrity of the system and to help mitigate cross contamination.

@1:52 p.m.

1pm Harvey Weather update.

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@1:35 p.m.

Updated tracking map.

@12:33 p.m.

– Updates will continue through this webpage so long as we do not lose internet connection. Stay tuned for details.

@12:16 p.m.

– Emergency crews and City staff remain on skeleton crew. We continue with our patrols and will respond to 911 calls, as we are able. If it becomes too dangerous, we will check on you afterwards and try to communicate with you as best we can.
– If you are still able, EVACUATE NOW! Otherwise, SHELTER IN PLACE!
Weather briefing from 11pm.

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@10:06 a.m.

10 AM briefing from John Metz with the Weather Service.

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Current Radar

@9:44 a.m.

– The last evacuation bus has left Aransas Pass. There will be no more evacuation runs. San Patricio County has ceased evacuation services.
– Evacuate now or shelter in place.
– If you are trapped in AP and require food or last minute essentials, the Country Store on Deberry and Commercial remains open, against public safety advice.

@9:07 a.m.

– AEP electrical crews are evacuating and will not return to the area until Sunday. If you lose electricity, you will be out at least until Sunday.
– Though Aransas Pass has not shut off water, we were just notified that San Patricio County has decided to turn off their water. Since AP purchases water from San Patricio County, that will eventually impact the City of Aransas Pass.
– Aransas Pass EOC remains at level 1. Regardless of what Harvey throws at us, some of us will remain. Public safety services will dwindle and we may not be able to respond. If you remain in the area, EVACUATE NOW!
– If you depend on our busses to evacuate, report to the Civic Center NOW. Our time line keeps getting shortened. We do not have control of that timeline.

@8:51 a.m.

– Highway 361 is now closed. If you are stuck between the sea wall and the Ferries and call 911, we will document your location and check on you once we are able to access the area. All others, EVACUATE NOW!

@8:27 a.m.

Forecasted path as of 7am.

@7:33 a.m.

– Sea wall across Highway 361 almost completely sealed up. The highway will be closed very soon. EVACUATE NOW!

@7:24 a.m.

– Last evacuation bus leaves at 10:30 a.m. this morning. The Civic Center will then be closed and there remain no local shelters. EVACUATE NOW!

@6:52 a.m.

– Sprint Cellular customers within Aransas Pass are getting rerouted to Aransas County when calling 911. Be sure you announce your city and location when calling into 911. All other cellular services are working like normal.

@6:44 a.m.

– HWY 361 to Port Aransas will be completely blocked off at 9 a.m. If you find yourself between AP and the Port Aransas, you will be stuck and remain on your own. Please EVACUATE.

@5:21 a.m.

Hurricane Harvey 4am weather update

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@5:00 a.m.

– TxDOT has installed half of the sea wall across Hwy 361. They are coordinating with the Ferry and law enforcement before installing the other half. The roadway will be entirely blocked before noon today.

UPDATES: 8/24/2017

@10:46 p.m.

As of 10:12pm, Hurricane Harvey is still expected to be a category 3 hurricane at the time of landfall, which is anticipated to be Friday afternoon/evening.  Winds will be up to 125mph and storm surges will be 6-12ft above ground level.  We are expecting 15-25″ of rain over the next several days, with isolated areas receiving up to 35″.
Again, there is a MANDATORY evacuation in place for Aransas Pass.  This means that emergency operations may not be available in the event an individual has an emergency.  If you call 911, there may not be anyone to answer your call.  Evacuate now.  All traffic out of the Coastal Bend is flowing smoothly.  For anyone without transportation out of Aransas Pass, you must be at the Civic Center at 8am.

@9:25 p.m.

– The final residents at the civic center will be transported tonight to a shelter in San Antonio (location is subject to change).  No further transportation will be provided prior to 8 a.m. Friday morning. Do not arrive at the civic center before 8 a.m. and remember, there may be long waits, so please bring your own drinks/snacks. Stay tuned for more information. If you can evacuate on your own please so do. Transportation will be denied for those with their own vehicles.

@5:56 p.m.

– TxDOT will begin setting up the Sea Wall across South Highway 361 tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. One lane will remain open for any traffic leaving Port Aransas. Any residents between the Dale Miller Bridge and Port Aransas Ferries need to evacuate.

@5:00 p.m.

Residents need to evacuate. City water will be turned off when the storm nears landfall on Friday. YOU WILL HAVE NO CITY WATER & MAY BE WITHOUT EMERGENCY SERVICES, COMPLETELY! The City has to protect it’s water infrastructure from contamination.

Our 4pm & 5pm updates:
– Harvey is currently 325 miles away from landfall.
– Landfall is projected to occur between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor.
– Storm surge expected to start Friday morning. 6-12 feet of surge expected.
– Rain is 15-25 inches with isolated areas of 35 inches.
– We can expect to see tornadic activity when the outer bands make landfall. Usually observed after 10 a.m.
– High winds are anticipated Friday through Sunday. Currently, we expect heavy rains to persist through mid next week.

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@3:44 p.m.

– The final seatgate into Pelican Cove is being installed. Boats will be unable to get in our out of the Pelican Cove subdivision.
– Roadrunner Wrecker services are no longer available to residents.

@2:37 p.m.

– Please do not wait until the last minute to get to the Civic Center if you require assistance getting out. Busses will have to stop evacuating if the wind gets too high. If you plan to stay, emergency crew may be limited and not capable of reaching you.
– Walmart in Aransas Pass will be closed at 8 p.m.
– All 3 Stripes stores in Aransas Pass will be closed within the hour.
– Valero Stores are closed, but you can still get gas by paying at the pumps.
– HEB in Aransas Pass will be closed by 4 p.m.
– Walgreens in Aransas Pass will close within the hour.
– CVS Aransas Pass (old Jerry’s Pharmacy) is closed.
– CARE Regional Hospital and Emergency Department are closed. They are no longer accepting patients.
– Northshore ER closed at noon and Physicians Premier ER closes at 7pm (Both located in Portland, Tx)

@12:53 p.m.


@12:44 p.m.

– Please do not drive to the evacuation point at the Civic Center. If you have a car, YOU NEED TO LEAVE, please.

@12:28 p.m.

– Please do not call our police department unless you have an emergency. Our emergency number is 911. We have been inundated with calls.

@:12:08 p.m.

– There is no “time limit” on getting out. You are order to evacuate. If you choose not to or you delay your departure, there’s a strong chance you increase the risk to your own safety. Additionally, public safety crews may not be able to respond to you if you experience an emergency.

@12:03 p.m.

– If you need assistance getting out of Aransas Pass, go to the Aransas Pass Civic Center located at 700 W. Wheeler. Busses will be provided shortly to carry you out. Only bring reasonable items with you, carry on only. This isn’t a time to haul large items.

@11:51 a.m.

Evacuation Routes, URL

evac route

@11:45 a.m.


A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for all of Aransas Pass, Texas as well as San Patricio County, Texas. We do anticipate more jurisdictions to follow suite, shortly.

By order of Mayor Ram Gomez and County Judge Terry Simpson.

@ 11:18 a.m.

– There is no evacuation order at this time. We do urge residents to be their own judge. This is going to be a bad storm. Do not chance your safety or the safety of your family. If able, you may be better off heading to higher, safer ground.

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@ 11:00 a.m.

– Harvey is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane. It could linger before returning to the Gulf until Tuesday next week.
– Prepare for torrential rains and flooding. It is going to happen in AP.
– Storm surge will be 6-10 feet as early as Friday morning.
– Flooding from rain is expected to be upwards of 15-20 inches, some places with 30 inches.
– All non-essential City officers will close at noon today. That’s City Hall, Pool, Library, Court, etc.
– Friday residents should still receive garbage services. That is subject to change. All others SECURE YOUR TRASH.
– 211 STEAR registration needs to be done by cell phone. The landline version isn’t working. 211 is working on that issue.
– There will be no bulk water offerings from the City until Tuesday.

@9:48 a.m.

– The City is out of sandbags but there remains plenty of sand.

@ 9:28 a.m.

– Be sure to stay up with Harvey’s Latest Update.

@ 9:00 a.m.

– We are seeking volunteer assistance for some of our elderly. If you are able to help, please contact Kat at 361-758-3153.
– There are no shelters located in Aransas Pass. We are unaware of any shelters in surrounding communities.

@ 8:53 a.m.

– Lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need. Even if it’s not needed, do us all a favor and reach out to your neighbors. They may be silent about help they require.

@ 8:34 a.m.

– Do not put out trash or large debris. That debris will become projectiles in the wind and will obstruct City drainage.
– Please pay attention to this inundation map. If you are in the red zone, we anticipate you will be flooded. Unfortunately, the pumps cannot pump water out that has arrived merely from the storm surge. Plan ahead, please.

@ 8:00 a.m.

Let us reiterate the following:
• Has already installed sea gates, final to go in Friday.
• All pump stations working and will be bringing in three additional portable pumps.
• Will be providing up to 5 sandbags per resident behind Seamen’s Memorial Tower down at the Harbor. Residents can bring their own sandbags to fill up. Starts at 1pm today. Wednesday until 5pm and again at 8am, Thursday.
• Barricades will be put into place in areas around town that are known to flood. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.
• There are not suitable buildings in Aransas Pass for shelters. If you require or expect to require a shelter, you should probably plan now to leave.
• We expect winds and rain to begin as early as Thursday evening with amounts of 6-12” of rain with 20” possible in some areas.
• Cannot run emergency services (Fire, EMS) in conditions with sustained winds of 50mph.
• Are advised to clean up debris around the home, secure lawn furniture, and other items outside.
• Are advised to keep the sewer clean outs CLOSED, as removing the lid can cause backflow into your home and will overwhelm the water treatment facility.
• Who are disabled or may require assistance evacuating, if necessary, should register through the STEAR program by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone. This must be done annually.
• Boat ramps, as well as non-essential services (including library, aquatic center, senior center, etc..) will be closed closer to landfall.
• The gate from Dale Miller bridge will be closed by TXDOT after the last ferry can safely run.
• has a hurricane guide for everyone to utilize.
• High Profile Vehicles should leave. Those are RV’s, Trailers, etc.
• Are advised to visit our beautiful city at a different time, for your safety.
• Are asked to relocate their RVs, tents, etc… to a different location until this storm has passed.
Stay informed, plan smart and remain prepared.

UPDATES 8/23/2017