Information Release

Information Release

Release Time: 8/30/2013 @ 7:28 p.m. Location: 455 N. Commercial
Event: Aggravated Assault Event Time: 8/30/13 @ 1:01 AM

On Friday morning at the mentioned time, Aransas Pass Police were dispatched to the Crows Nest Bar located at 455 N. Commercial for a fight in progress.  When officers arrived, they observed a male subject attempting to flee the location.  That subject was identified as one of the suspects, Daniel Sexton DOB 09/09/1978.  Sexton was detained and subsequently arrested for his involvement in the assault.  Sexton can be seen below, starting the physical assault on the victim.  Officers located the victim who was on the ground next to the bar bleeding from his injuries.  Victim  Jose Garcia AGE 33 was injured so severely he could not speak and was not fully conscious.  EMS transported Jose Garcia to the hospital where he remains serious condition.  Jose Garza AGE 23 was a friend to Jose Garcia and tried to assist in protecting Jose Garcia during the assault.  Jose Garza also sustained severe injuries and he too has been hospitalized.

According to information and video observed by police, the two victims were inside the bar conversing with the group of suspects when the group of suspects started assaulting victim Jose Garcia.  Jose Garza tired to assist in defending Jose Garcia but the group turned onto him.  Both victims were beaten to the ground and stomped on repeatedly during the assault.  Suspect Sexton’s shoe print was actually embedded on the face of one of the victims.

All suspects have been arrested.

Video of the Assault:

Beginning of the Assault.


End of Assault.  Friend tries to assist victim, then becomes a victim himself.

[box style=”alert”]If you have information on this case, contact the Aransas Pass PD Investigations Division or submit a tip anonymously via Tri-County Crime Stoppers at (800) 245-TIPS/8477 or online at TCCS Online Tip Form. You could earn up to $1000.00 for your tip in this case.[/box]