Leaving No Man Behind

Leaving No Man BehindMessage from our Chaplain – Leaving No Man Behind – We all have such profound respect and appreciation for those that wear the uniform, those serving in law enforcement and the military. We see the embodiment of the ideals of honor, sacrifice and courage that inspires us all. They serve as an example of how to serve and put others before ourselves. In the heat of the battle there is no black, white or brown. There is no religious or nonreligious, male or female, rich or poor – just Americans serving side by side ready to lay down their lives for others.

One of those ideals we so admire is their commitment to “leave no man behind.” This is especially relevant for our community post-Hurricane Harvey. All of us have been affected by the hurricane to some extent. Some as just an inconvenience but some have lost all. It has been encouraging and inspirational to see our city leaders, businesses, non profit relief agencies, and churches both from within and without our community come together to begin the long process of rebuilding. I’ve observed friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors and even more impressive, strangers helping strangers. This is because we’ve made the commitment that we’re leaving no family behind.

It’s not only about rebuilding houses and businesses but about recovering our sense of well being and peace of mind. For those facing hardship before the storm, this has been especially difficult. The real toll for many is not a wall, roof or a fence but inner turmoil and discouragement. In this crisis we actively seek help with rebuilding a house, let us also as actively seek help to recover our peace of mind and optimism to face the future with confidence. If you find yourself with anger issues, depression, anxiety or feelings of hopelessness, seek help from a counselor, your priest, or a pastor. Often times just having a friend to talk to will make all the difference. Remember, if you have someone to talk to, someone to listen, you can get through anything.

There is no worse feeling than feeling alone. You’re not alone. We are in this together. We will rebuild and we will come back better and stronger than before. As we move forward, even though there are serious challenges ahead, expect that your best days are still ahead. Individually we can accomplish a little. Together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. And we’ll do it together because we’re leaving no man behind.

Chaplain Donald Volz
Aransas Pass Police Department