Let’s Hear is for our Police Explorers!

Let’s Hear is for the Aransas Pass Police Explorers! Way to go!! Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence!

This past weekend the Aransas Pass Police Explorers participated in a police explorers competition. The competition consisted of six major events: traffic stops misd./ felony, domestic disturbance, crime Scene investigation, arrests, search and seizure (they served a search and arrest warrant), and an obstacle course.

The Aransas Pass Police Explorers placed 2nd and 3rd place on every event except for felony traffic stop. Only 1st and 2nd place trophies were awarded, but our explorers managed to get enough points to take the second place overall tournament trophy.

Thank each and every one of ya’ll for your hard work and commitment to this program!!

Also, a special thanks goes out to Eddie Garcia, instructor for APISD’s Criminal Justice Program, for your continued support and hard work in training our officers of tomorrow; thank you Eddie!!