Lifesavers Recognized and Awarded

Lifesavers Recognized and Awarded – During this past Monday evening city council meeting, I had the honor of recognizing and awarding Officers Jeremy Gates and Adan Cruz for saving the life of a young female resident of Aransas Pass.

Anytime an officer saves the life of another, he or she receives formal recognition and is awarded the Law Enforcement/Public Safety Lifesaving Medal. The details surrounding this event are as follows:

This Recognition is hereby given to Officer Jeremy Gates and Officer Adan Cruz for the outstanding way you performed your duties on September 22, 2020, when you responded to a residence in the 100 Blk. of Gillespie Lane, Aransas Pass, Texas.  

Upon arrival, you encountered a female in her 30s’ unresponsive and not breathing in bed. You and your partners jumped into action. After realizing the lady did not have a pulse, you began chest compressions. You continued doing so until relieved about 6 minutes later by medically trained personnel. Your deliberate and precise response meant emergency medical care was provided in a timely manner, within moments of receiving the emergency call.  

EMS and medical staff recognized your efforts as having greatly impacted this lady’s ability to hold onto life. Additionally, she and her family have been afforded additional quality of life as a result of your efforts. Without your presence of mind and commanding actions, this lady might not have lived to see another day.  

Today, the Aransas Pass Police Department takes great pride in awarding you with this Lifesaving award. Your actions on September 22nd have been directly attributed to saving a life. Your performance during this event epitomizes our core values of honor, commitment, wisdom, and compassion, and the true meaning of public service. Thank you!  

Awarded this, the 19th day of October, 2020.  

Outstanding job!

Officer Jeremy Gates (left), Chief Eric Blanchard, and Officer Adan Cruz (right)