Message from Code Compliance

Message from Code Compliance – Our Code Compliance Department has been working overtime trying to help folks recover from storm damage while also gaining compliance in the area of junk and debris and overgrown vegetation. Though he is understanding and facilitating for residents, the issues continue to mount up. Compliance Officer Cory Elrod would like to offer this information and ask for your help in restoring Aransas Pass’ beauty!

If you place or plan to place debris (fence posts, wood, or construction material) out for collection, take note that this type of hurricane-debris pickup finished in February 2018. As a result, you need to haul that debris to the City transfer station. To assist with the fee, Aransas Pass residents may pick up a free one-dump voucher from City Hall per month. The voucher covers one large load the size of a pickup truck bed. Additionally, Code Compliance will begin following up with residents after August 6th, 2018 who still have hurricane debris piled up in front of their location. Citations may be issued for non-compliance, so please help us get this trash cleaned up.

Lastly, we must discuss alleyways. Did you know the maintenance responsibility of an alleyway belongs to the property owner? The resident must maintain the alleyway by keeping it mowed and clean of debris. Overgrown alleyways and pieces of land present life-safety issues to residents. It creates a safe haven for critters & mosquitoes and allows them to nest and reproduce. Again, citations may be issued for non-compliance, so please help by keeping your alleyway in order.

You can find these ordinances online at

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Code Compliance Officer Elrod at (361)-758-5224 or by email here.

For more information about common code issues, visit our Code Compliance online.