Message from the Chief – Burglars & Thieves

Message from the Chief – Burglars & Thieves – Aransas Pass is no stranger to these types of property crimes. They’re intrusive, disruptive, and downright offensive! We want to share with you some statistical information and other findings about these crimes as they relate to our community. Our goal is to keep you informed on criminal activity and crime trends.

Over the past few years and by close collaboration with our community, we’ve begun to realize greater successes in prevention and clearance of these crimes. For example – from 2013 to 2014, our successful clearance rate on thefts increased from 31.8% (2013) to 46.6% (2014). We feel that through collaboration with you and some of our crime fighting initiatives, these successes were made possible.

Let’s explore some more details below…

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Property Crime Stats, Maps, and Preventative Tips and Programs

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Statistical Figures & Graphs


How We Compare Locally

The greener the better, of those agencies compared. Slowly but surely we’re working our way there!

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Thefts & Burglaries Mapped Out

We report all police activity data to The data updates twice a day.

The following images represent all related crimes reported to the FBI in 2014.

[highlight]* The heat map on the right depicts the heaviest concentration of crime in the darker red areas.[/highlight] [/tab_3]

What Can You Do?

Here are a few safety tips to better protect against thieves:

  1. Secure your belongings (your house, your vehicles, and loose items of value) – We have found on many occasions that folks leave their items unsecured. Be sure to lock your doors, lock your windows, and keep valuables out of sight from the public’s eye. Your job is to make it difficult for them; make them really work for it.

  3. Remove Valuables from Your Vehicle (Guns and Jewelry) – Far to often we are taking reports of stolen firearms from vehicles. You should never leave a loose firearm inside your vehicle. We lost far too many firearms this year because folks stored them inside their vehicle. Jewelry and other expensive valuables, well that should be a no-brainer.

  5. Added Security (Alarms and/or Video Systems) – When the national clearance rate for these types of crime is below 25%, one ought to really consider a small investment in personal security systems. Typically, an alarm system with monitoring service would run you around $30-$50 dollars a month. On the bright side, most homeowners insurance companies give discounts when you use monitored alarm systems.


    In addition, get yourself a home surveillance system. A decent system can be purchased for under $500 dollars. Heck, my first four-camera system cost me only $99 dollars online and it lasted me four years and protected me several times. Even the Chief of Police can’t always depend on other police to solve every problem.


  7. Report Suspicious Activity – I cannot say this enough! Over the years, I have spoken with several different groups about crime problems within their neighborhoods. During most of those meetings, there’s always someone who speaks up about witnessing suspicious activity afoot yet never made an attempt to report it. If it looks out of place or you just don’t know, call us to investigate. A nosy neighbor might just do’ya a savory favor!


Security Camera Registration Program

Our newest initiative to assist with preventing property crime and clearing more cases with success is our camera registration program. We know several businesses and residences throughout our community use security cameras already. So, register your cameras location with us and if crime happens in your area, we will reach out to you. You be the investigator as you review your video, sharing only what is important for us in catching the bad guys. No time to wait, sign up now!


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Cam Registry

Test Your Knowledge, Take the Survey

Aside from testing your knowledge, the survey might just alarm you at how widespread the problem is across our nation. Along the way, you will be provided with additional resources of information. You really should give it a shot.



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