Monday Meth Mayhem

Monday, March 18, 2019
Case #19-7963 (Drug Arrest)
1309 Oak Park Drive

On Monday, March 18, 2019, around 4:15 p.m., officers set up near 1309 Oak Park Drive watching the residence. The occupants’ activity at the location is described as a nuisance by other residents in the neighborhood. Additionally, police are no stranger to this location due to event history at the location.

This Monday, while watching the location, a male subject walked up to the house wearing a backpack. He sat down on the front porch steps and waited while communicating on his cell phone.

Kelly Steinhart AGE 33
Poss. to Sell Heroin, Meth (57grams), RX Pills,
and Marijuana
Unlawful Carry of Handgun

Officers approach the gentleman, Kelly Steinert AGE 33, and engaged him in casual conversation. Kelly was not detained and free to leave if he chose to do so. Kelly became standoffish with the officers and ultimately decided to leave. Kelly said he did not like answering police questions. Kelly did, however, provide his name to the officers and offers relayed that information to dispatchers.

Apparently, Kelly was not able to walk away fast enough so he began to run, trying to avoid being seen by officers. It was learned that Kelly was wanted on municipal warrants. At that point, an assisting officer observed Kelly ducking into an alleyway where he discarded his backpack before reemerging and being detained by the officer. Kelly was arrested on these warrants.

The officer recovered the abandoned backpack in the alleyway and found it contained around 57 grams of crystal meth, heroin, several Xanax pills, and around 2 ounces of marijuana. A loaded handgun was also found inside the backpack.

After the arrest, officers returned to the home to visit with the resident who pulled up while Kelly was being arrested. The resident, Misty Garrison AGE 27, was likewise found to be wanted on municipal warrants. Misty was arrested but not before being cited for multiple code violations on or near her property.

Prior to leaving the area, officers made contact with yet another man who arrived on scene. He was identified and was driving on a suspended driver’s license. He was cited and released.

The point of sharing this information is to illustrate that locations known by police and residents as criminal havens have no place within our community. As we learn of them, we will focus our efforts on them as well as those who frequent them. All violations are on the table and strict enforcement efforts will commence. In this situation, ours efforts were directed by neighbors fed up with illegal and dangerous activities taking place. However, our work at this location is not done.