Nuisance Campers Arrested!

Beck and Martin, nuisance campers, were arrested for trashing Harbor Island.
On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, around 1:58 a.m., Aransas Pass Patrol Officers tracked down a couple of nuisance campers on Harbor Island. Nathan Beck AGE 27 and Katelynn Martin AGE 26 were both arrested along Harbor Island Road, Aransas Pass, Texas. The two were found at their campsite. They were using the land as their trash can, discarding trash and debris throughout the area. They also used portions of the land as a toilet, depositing their human feces and sanitary napkins. The area was a filthy mess and a hazard to tourists and residents who enjoy the area for recreational activities.

Both were arrested and charged with class B misdemeanor charges for illegal dumping.

It is because of nuisance campers like this that the City Council recently returned to a no camping policy within Aransas Pass. On March 19, 2018, City Council voted to ban camping inside the City Limits save for limited circumstances. You can read the full ordinance here on the Municode Website.