Persistent Phone Outages




Over the past several months, the police department has experienced several outages on our public phone lines. Those lines are the ones you call when seeking non-emergency service from the PD or when calling City Hall (361-758-5224 or 361-758-5301). Recently, the outages have increased and are continuing today.

We have been patient and diligent in working with Frontier support to correct the issue. However, the response we’ve received from Frontier doesn’t meet the public safety minimum standard nor has Frontier been able to fix the underlying cause for these outages.

I have heard your complaints about these outages and statements on how they continue to impact the community. I assure you, we are just as frustrated. As a result, we’ve spent the morning working with staff and City administration to seek a more reliable solution, one that we can deploy quickly.

Barring any unforeseen issues, we should have a more stable solution in place within the next few weeks. Until that point, please keep our backup phone numbers handy (361-717-1254 or 361-717-1264). Never substitute these numbers for an emergency. 911 remains unimpacted by this issue.

– Chief Eric Blanchard