If we Pop Ya, We’ll Post Ya!

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 around 9:06 p.m., an APPD officer stopped a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. During the course of the investigation, the officer found that one of the three occupants was wanted for a minor warrant from another agency. The occupant (front passenger) was arrested and found to be in possession of a syringe which he had been using to ingest drugs. The officer then searched the vehicle and found more drugs; namely synthetic marijuana and controlled prescription pills.

The officer returned to the two remaining, detained subjects and started arresting Joey Fuentes, the driver. The officer instructed his partner to arrest Gabriel Rodriguez, rear seat passenger. While attempting to handcuff Gabriel Rodriguez, Gabriel Rodriguez fled on foot but was caught shortly thereafter.

Both subjects were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and Gabriel Rodriguez was also charged with evading detention on foot. The front passenger was arrested for the warrant and also charged for possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Wednesday March 5, 2014 around 12:11 p.m., an officer was out for a foot stroll at the Shamrock Trailer Park located at 936 N. Commercial Street. The officer observed Tracey Arnold riding a bicycle around the trailer park. As Tracey Arnold passed the officer, she lost control of her bike, hit the curb, and fell onto the ground. The officer rushed over to check on Tracey Arnold.

After checking on Tracey Arnold’s welfare, he developed suspicion that a crime was afoot. The officer obtained consent to search Tracey Arnold’s belongings and found that she was in possession of methamphetamine. The officer also learned that Tracey Arnold was wanted out of Aransas County for stealing a firearm.

Tracey Arnold was booked on the warrant and the new charge for possession of a controlled substance.