Postcard Scam

There’s a new type of fraud scam going around. We have received reports of a postcard type scam that arrives in the mail. The information on the postcard informs the recipient that they have a gift card valued at $100 waiting for them. All the victim needs to do is call an 800 number and claim their prize. When the victim calls in, the victim is then asked to provide a credit or debit card number. After providing personal credit information, the victim would be made to think they have claimed their free gift card for $100.00. However, the victim would have really just become another victim in a fraud scam meant at getting people to release their personal, financial information.

Do not become the next victim. Now days, nothing is for free and all things sounding too good to be true, are exactly that, too good to be true.

If you suspect a scam like this is afoot, investigate further. Most criminal cases like this, which are reported after one has become a victim, are too difficult to resolve since the offenders are often times outside of US jurisdiction. If you experience a suspicious situation like this, feel free to contact us for assistance, we’d love to help in protecting you before it is too late.

The following is a copy of what one resident received for this exact scam: