Range Day at APPD.

Aransas Pass Police Department strives to provide some of the most progressive and leading training around!  We continuously train in de-escalation, defensive tactics, less-lethal weaponry, and firearms. There are some significant advantages to being a smaller police agency.  By using a robust training budget and federal asset forfeiture funds, we can provide a higher level of training than some of our larger counterparts, and our community and officers all reap the benefits!

Over the past two days, we have spent time at the range focusing on firearms training. Officers partook in several scenarios requiring them to re-evaluate the threat situation and their response constantly.  Officers had to think dynamically, evaluate the changing threats and even render first aid to a downed victim, all the while under a significant level of anaerobic stress.  Officers incorporated various facets of their training received from within the department, from threat evaluation and response to Self-aid, Buddy-aid (SABA) training.  

In addition, we were able to impart some of this skill training to two of our university interns.  Interns Alex Barrientes (UTSA) and Jacob Lopez (TAMUCC) received instruction from our TCOLE licensed instructors and were able to apply some of what they learned in the field.  They did a fantastic job, too!  These two also recently participated in a de-escalation course which we hosted two weeks ago.    Way to go, interns!  

If you are considering a job in law enforcement or one of the many ancillary jobs surrounding the criminal justice field, you might consider one of these two universities.  We hold internship contracts with each and regularly bring interns on board for rewarding training and experiences.  

Here are some pictures from our training events over the last two days. 

Run the course with the officer!

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