Recent Arrests

The following arrests were made this past month. Those arrested are presumed innocent until their case has been disposed of by the court.

We share public information to keep our community informed of police activities taking place within the City.


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One comment on “Recent Arrests

  1. well, I see ONCE AGAIN AARON THOMPSON was caught AGAIN! To all the people that read this blotter and even the comments. All the social media people should warn the public about him. He’s a rat, snitch, whatever you want to call it. that’s what the word around town is as of last month. He’s a thorn in his families’ side and a complete embarrassment to his children. God blessed him with two beautiful children and he just threw them away. LIKE TRASH! He’s a menace to society. HE NEEDS THE LORD IN HIS HEART. He needs hardcore treatment. But, he also needs to be punished like all the other felonies who ACTUALLY go to prison for the very same felonies he has committed. I don’t know if he is a snitch, but many people say they know for a fact. So, I can’t say it with complete truth. it’s here say. However, it makes a lot of people wonder.

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