Recognizing Community Heroes!

On Friday, May 9th, 2014 at 10:46 p.m., a female motorist was using her cell phone while operating her vehicle at the Harbor Park located at 519 Bigelow Street, Aransas Pass, Texas. In doing so, the female’s vehicle continued moving forward towards the boat launch ramps. By the time she knew it, the female’s vehicle had driven off into the water at the Harbor.

A group of fisherman and their tour captain took notice and immediately sprung into action. The five good samaritans tried repeatedly to open the doors on the vehicle as it continued to drift and sink into the water. These good samaritans then tried to break the vehicles glass as the female was also trying to break out. Still their efforts failed. By that time the vehicle had drifted to the end of the pier along the boat launch.

The good samaritains were then able to gain control over the vehicle and forced it back to the entrance of the boat launch before it could drift or sink any further. Once settled back on the boat ramp, they were able to open the back door and ultimately rescue the female.

Having had experience with vehicles in the water, this female was surely lucky to have these five brave and willing good samaritans around to come to her aid. Had they not sprung into action when they did, the outcome for this event would have been tragic.

Further, I would like to personally recognize and commend the heroic actions of these five individuals. Your courageous acts of altruism shall not go unrecognized; thank you for epitomizing our departments mission and looking out for the welfare of those within our community!

Thank you!

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  • Capt. David Dupnik (Local Fishing Guide)
  • Harold Hugh Fisher (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Darwin Davis (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Colton Davis (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Sam Rodgers (Fort Worth, Texas)