Recognizing Two Officers for a Job Well Done!

On Monday 02/18/2013 at the 7pm City Council meeting, I recognized two of my officers for their outstanding work and excellent commitment to serving our community. Detective, Sergeant Leo Martinez and Corporal Bradley Gamble went well above the level of expectation in responding to a string of burglary cases back around January 22, 2013. Due to their hard work, commitment, and passion for the quality of service while serving our community, five suspects have been identified, four of whom have been arrested the fifth, Blake Bufkin, is still on the loose. The officers unrelenting pursuit of these criminals yielded the return of over $16,000.00 in stolen property from as many as 12 total burglary/theft related crimes.

What most may not realize is that these types of property crimes often go unresolved. Property crimes are some of the most challenging crimes for law enforcement agencies nationwide and often leave the victims feeling a sense of personal intrusion. Some victims have described being burglarized as a deep and personal violation of the sanctity within an area they should feel most comfortable and secure in. Though this level of success is not common, we definitely want to share it with everyone and will continue to strive to bring this same level of commitment and success to every case investigated by our police department.

Cpl. Gamble and Det., Sgt. Martinez, thank you!
-Chief Blanchard