Robbery Call, ends with a PIT

Information Release
Case #2200007260
Date: 04/02/2022
Location: Army/Navy Store, AP

Today, 4/2/2022, just after 2 pm, Aransas Pass Officers were sent to the Army-Navy Store located in the 400 Blk. of S. Commercial St. for a robbery in progress. While the officers were en route, they were told to be on the lookout for a black GMC style truck displaying a specific license plate. Officers quickly located the truck and attempted to pull it over. As you probably imagined, these miscreants decided against complying. A vehicle pursuit ensued.

As with any vehicle chase, we become involved in, the goal is to end the chase. Vehicle pursuits are inherently dangerous and we must regularly weigh the risk of the pursuit against the benefit of apprehension. That being considered, we do not want criminals thinking they can run and act recklessly because we will simply end the pursuit. Contrarily, we will work to swiftly and safely end the pursuit by forcing the vehicle off the road.

The on-duty sergeant pursued the vehicle while Luis Aguirre III continued to drive recklessly in his effort to escape capture. Seizing an opportunity, the sergeant carried out the pursuit intervention technique (PIT) at the intersection of FM 1069 and HWY 35. The PIT was successful and the pursuit was brought to an end. Both Zuniga and Luis Aguirre III were arrested.

All in all, these two were charged with felony theft, they stole over $2,700 worth of clothing. Aguirre was charged with felony theft and felony fleeing in a motor vehicle. Zuniga was charged with felony theft and evading arrest.

These two Corpus Christi residents felt they could come to AP and commit crime. They were wrong. Now, they get to enjoy their stint in jail. As for Zuniga, it shouldn’t be an unfamiliar experience. He was also wanted. Apparently, he violated the terms of his prison release so he should be returning soon. Heads up, TDCJ. 😉