Robbery Suspect Arrested

Remember this case?

This past evening, fine police work paid off, and we caught our guy before he could rob again.

Alexander Gallegos AGE 19

Over the last several days, the evening shift on duty visited several of the local convenience stores, including the Eagle Mart to share the suspect’s information and pictures. Last night, this paid off because the Eagle Mart clerk immediately recognized the suspect and called the police. Additionally, police were keeping close tabs on all locations throughout the last several days. During this evening, the patrol sergeant just left the Eagle Mart location when the call came in.

After a short police chase, Alexander Gallegos AGE 19 was arrested. Not only was he wearing the same clothing he had on during the robbery at Stripes, but he was also armed with a pistol. During the chase, he pulled the firearm and maintained control of it despite the officer’s verbal aggression towards him to stop and that he was likely to be shot. Ultimately, the officer exercised great restraint, and the suspect decided against using the firearm and continued flight. He was taken into custody and charged with evading arrest/detention and unlawful carry of a firearm.

Alexander subsequently admitted to his involvement in two recent robberies, one here in AP. Investigators are working on obtaining an aggravated robbery warrant to formally charge Alexander.