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Building and Standards Board

codeSubstandard structures and dangerous buildings fall within the jurisdiction of the Building and Standards Board. The board is comprised of community members who assemble periodically to deal with these types of issues. The board meets as needed. When meetings are called, they are posted at City Hall and through our online social media forums. These meetings are open to the public.

If you are interested in getting on the board, complete an application and submit it to the Office of the City Secretary.

Board Impact on Substandard Structures

Substandard structure which go before the board are those typically in need of demolition. The board discusses the structures, hears building official and code enforcement recommendation, and ultimately decides how they are dealt with.

Demolition Process:

  1. Demolition request goes before the board;
  2. Board issues demolition order;
  3. Resident has a few options:
    • Demo the building on their own;
    • Participate in Chamber of Commerce Demolition Program
    • Refuse to comply.
  4. Wait on time-frame to expire;
  5. Carry out demolition, if needed.

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