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Junk Vehicles

Junk Vehicles can be a problem for any community. They provide a home for pests such as mice and rats and also have a tendency to detract from the aesthetics of a neighborhood or community. Most of the time people don’t intend to create a problem by having a junk vehicle. The vehicle usually begins as a project vehicle that never reaches completion but ends up taking on sentimental value keeping the owner from getting rid of it. Occasionally, there are some that hold onto too many junk vehicles which has the effect of making their property resemble a scrap yard. Our Junk Vehicle Ordinance adopts mostly state law to combat this problem.


In the event that a person is found to have junk vehicles on their property, they will receive a chance to correct the problem through issuance of a “fix-it” ticket. A fine will be assessed by the court for any violation of city ordinance, if not corrected. Fines typically accrue each day the violation exists. Receiving a citation does not guarantee one will be fined so long as the violation is remedied within the allotted amount of time. Typically, those cited quickly correct the violation. A code enforcement officer will verify the remedied violation and then move for dismissal of the ticket.


When people find themselves in violation of the junk vehicle ordinance they have a couple of methods for correction:
  1. Complete removal of the junk vehicle;
  2. Screening from public view with the use of a fence;
  3. Enclosure it inside a building;
  4. Restoring the vehicle back to a condition that would no longer define it as a junk vehicle.
For residents, these are the most immediate options available to them for correcting the matter. Auto repair facilities and auto salvage yards are exempted from the law and that allows them to retain vehicles that would otherwise be considered junk vehicles.

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