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Trash and Rubbish

Within the City of Aransas Pass there are many properties that for one reason or another find themselves either covered in unsightly or objectionable matter or are overgrown with grass and weeds. Quite often people are unaware that this is a violation of the Rubbish and Weeds Ordinance. This is a problem that causes the value of one’s property to diminish as well as raising several safety concerns. High grass, weeds, and junk scattered throughout one’s property has a tendency to invite rats, mice, insects, and other vermin onto the property. These vermin have the potential to spread disease and put other people at risk.


There are several options for enforcement, the first being a warning and educational update on the laws and ordinances. This helps ensure that the violator is aware of the violation and options for remedy. If the warning is ineffective, a citation will be issued. Citations can carry a fine of up to $200. If the problem is not remedied, there is the potential for a citation to be issued for every day after the person is found in violation. Repeated issuance of citations will only occur when all other options have been exhausted.

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