Shooting on the Flats, Legal?


Not only is it illegal to shoot a firearm inside the mainland of Aransas Pass, it’s not legal to shoot firearms on the flats within Aransas Pass. The entire area is within the City Limits and is regularly used for recreational fishing and other activities. If we catch you, you will likely receive a ticket, but you could also land yourself in jail and get your weapons seized as evidence, as was the case this past evening.

Aransas Pass Flatlands

This past evening, Thursday, 7/14/2022, just after 8:50 p.m., Aransas Pass Officers were sent to the area of Harbor Island Road for illegal shooting. The caller told dispatch that the shots could be heard whizzing over their heads.

As officers were arriving, more calls continued to come through 911. Officers on location also reported the fired rounds whizzing past them, as well. Officers located the three subjects involved in this event and detained them. The complainant in this case requested charges be filed. The three detained subjects were arrested, and their firearm was taken as evidence. All three subjects stand charged with deadly conduct.