Shrimporee Security

Shrimporee Security Sign-up

Seeking full-time Texas law enforcement (in accordance with Texas Law) officers to work off-duty security at this year’s Shrimporee event. Shifts are listed below and are limited. The pay is $50.00/hr. Participating officers will receive a check from the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce a few days after the event finishes.

See complete event details here.

Essential Staff for Operation:


  • Must be employed full-time as a Texas Peace Officer;
  • Must be off FTO;
  • Must have your department director’s approval (sheriff or chief);
  • Must be an effective communicator & skilled in de-escalation techniques;
  • Must receive a sign-up acknowledgment from Shrimporee Field Commander;
  • Must supply own food and drinks;
  • Must complete and turn in W-9 during the first shift;
  • Must have a good sense of humor.


  • Patrol grounds on foot;
  • Stand post at various locations;
  • Direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • Employ smart policing tactics to resolve most issues;
  • Be a facilitator of grounds-related info for patrons to the event;
  • Engage event visitors with a cheerful attitude and smile;
  • Other duties may later be assigned.


  • Friday Evening – 5 pm thru midnight
  • Saturday Morning 8:30 am until 4:00 pm (REPORT TO PD)
  • Saturday Evening – 4 pm thru midnight
  • Sunday Morning – 11 am thru 6:30 pm


Every officer must complete the attached W-9. Do not email this form in; you will turn it in, in person after arriving for duty.

Location for Event

You will check in before each shift at the blue Shrimporee Command building. Remember, if you work Saturday morning, you will first check-in at the police department.

Further details will follow by email and during on-site shift briefings.

Sign up to Work:

Once submitted, you will receive a computer-generated email confirmation. Next, within 24-72 hours, you will receive an “approval to work” email from the Shrimporee Field Commander.


Shifts and assignments are not guaranteed. You must receive approval from the Shrimporee Field Commander stating you have “approval to work.” If you have any questions, contact the event coordinator at 361-758-5224. *** All officers, unless otherwise assigned, will rotate stations.



☆ Friday, May 19,
from 5pm – midnight

☆ Saturday, May 20,
from 8:30am – 4pm (includes Parade)

☆ Saturday Evening, May 20,
4pm – midnight

☆ Sunday, May 21,
11am – 6:30pm

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