Shrimporee’s Over, But Did You Leave Something Behind?

Shrimporee has come and gone once again. It was another successful event for the police department and appeared to be quite successful for the community as well.  We appreciate all of you who contributed to this event and those of you who came out to enjoy the fine entertainment!

On another note…

If you happened to visit Shrimporee this year, did you leave with everything you came with?  If you didn’t, you might want to contact the police department. We recovered a few lost items this year that have yet to be returned.  Those items include the following:

  • Wells Fargo Platinum Debit Card belonging to M. P. Y. (initials only),
  • Papers for a R. L. G. (initials only) to include a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and Selective Services Registration card,
  • Single key on a red clip style key ring (proof of ownership required),
  • Metal clip key ring with 9 keys (keys are of various types) (proof of ownership required),
  • Plain key ring with 8 keys (keys are of various types) (proof of ownership required)

If you believe you are the rightful owner of any of these items, we’d love to return ’em to you.  Please contact us at 361-758-5224 and ask to speak with our property technician Magan Jacobs.