String of Overnight Car Burglaries

During the morning hours of Friday 12-7-12, AP Police officers took several vehicle burglary reports on the south side of Aransas Pass.  At approximately 8am officers located a stolen vehicle in the 100 block of S. Saunders Ln., the general area where the burglaries had occurred.  The vehicle had two flat tires and was parked on the street.  Detectives developed a suspect from evidence, witnesses and surveillance video.

Jason Nagel, AGE 22, was identified as the person who was in possession of the stolen vehicle.  Jason Nagel is also suspected in the many vehicle burglaries that occurred during the early morning hours.  AP Police detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Jason Nagel for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  At 5:50 p.m., police arrested Jason Nagel inside Aransas Pass City Limits.

[box style=”alert”]Many of these burglaries might have been avoided had the owners secured their vehicles and removed valuables from public view. During the holiday times, burglaries and property crimes increase.  AP Police urge residents to lock up their vehicles, remove or conceal valuables from view, and never leave your keys inside your vehicle.[/box]