Surprise! Boy was it…

Here is part of my amazing team!

So today, I had an honoring ceremony to attend for an amazing friend of mine, Bill Denton. I picked my wife up from her work and we drove to the Aransas Pass Civic Center. We walked in the back door and as is my normal fashion, I announced, “All rise!” For some reason, I always have to be loud and obnoxious. I was stunned to find everyone present and starting without me and I felt really embarrassed to think I interrupted the ceremony already in session. Boy was I surprised!

Everyone turned from facing the main entrance in the room to facing the rear entrance my wife and I just walked through. They shouted “SURPRISE!!!” It was at that moment, I had no idea what was going on. I began to figure things were amiss when I saw blue and black everything: balloons, table clothes, centerpieces, etc. I remained perplexed.

The crowd then informed me the ceremony was for me. I was at a loss for words. I had no idea about this entire event. I then saw my parents there and my eldest daughter. I knew they were fooling around. There was something big happening and it probably was for me.

We soon after took our seats and I listened to the kind words of support, confidence, and appreciation from several who inspire me daily to do my best. Donald Volz, Bill Denton, Rene Thakor, and my executive assistant Stephanie Diaz. Their words were so captivating, I could hear my father sniffling and fighting back his tears. It was just too much.

After the amazing words of support and appreciation, I was invited up and honored with the awesome award you see below. Awesome, except for my quadruple chin. πŸ˜‰ I then got to speak, and I was simply not able to hold back the tears of appreciation and joy. However, the full story needs to be known.

I work for a wonderful community, a very supportive one at that. I simply provided a new aroma to policing and I let my team lead the way. As stated by one of my very wise leaders, Capt. Lynn Pearce, I dream of where the train goes and my staff builds the tracks. My success in AP and my job is not without the true leadership of my staff who are my brothers and sisters in blue. Without each and every one of them in the PD, I today would not have received such praise. Truth be told, today was about them. The men and women of the Aransas Pass Police Department. Thank you all for the level of excellence you exude each and every day. Today’s celebration is about your hard work and tireless effort.

I do owe my appreciation, however, for my little ounce of contribution to my mom and dad. My mom’s compassion is unmatched, and my father’s work ethic and dynamic skill to be the best doctor there has ever been was a true inspiration to molding me to where I am today. I also had two amazing bosses over the years, Chief Eugenio De Leon from the Sinton Police Department and Ross Barrett from Orig-Equip in Victoria, Texas. Without these leaders and their long-suffering mentorship, I would not be where I am today, where I am proud to be – with the City of Aransas Pass Police Department as their Chief of Police. Thank you all!

Chief Blanchard AKA Diva B πŸ˜‰