TCOLE Training Audit

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) recently audited the police department training files. We’re happy to report we received a clean bill of health and their blessing to carry on with our wonderful training program. Here are the highlights, as reported by Capt. Lynn Pierce, our Training Coordinator.

The audit included a review of the courses taught between 11/1/2013 and 5/1/2017. TCOLE’s report indicated there were 109 standard rosters submitted by APPD, of which 0 were reported beyond the 30-day reporting period requirement, and a total of 92 departmental rosters submitted, of which 1 was reported beyond the 30-day reporting period. The difference between these two rosters is that standard rosters include training we provide to both APPD staff and outside law enforcement entities. Departmental rosters document only that training provided to APPD staff.

So what do these rosters mean?

  • The 109 rosters equate to 1297 total students who received 11,753 hours of training.
  • The 92 departmental rosters equate to 414 students who received 2,182 hours of training provided.

Grand Total:

[column size=”1/3″ wpautop=”true”]
[milestone milestone=”201″ color=”#0041d8″ text=”Rosters Submitted” boxed=”true”]
[column size=”1/3″ wpautop=”true”]
[milestone milestone=”1711″ color=”#0041d8″ text=”Students Trained” boxed=”true”]
[column size=”1/3″ wpautop=”true”]
[milestone milestone=”13935″ color=”#0041d8″ text=”Hours Provided” boxed=”true”]

APPD has set a high mark for meaningful, cutting-edge training in South Texas. We built our reputation on quality policing and training. In fact, we regularly receive inquiries from Federal, State, and local agencies who seek our training.


Thank you, AP, for your confidence and support. Without it, much of our efforts toward professional, progressive policing would not be possible

Detailed Report