Urinating Thief, Case #15-12301

Urinating Thief, Case #15-12301 – On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, a young light-skin male and female entered the Dollar General located at 709 South Commercial Street, Aransas Pass. The male was wearing dark color pants with a green T Shirt, and prior to leaving the store, he was observed wearing a hat. The female accompanying him was wearing dark color shorts and a bluish-green or teal T shirt, while carrying a light color purse.

The two lingered around inside the store for a bit. At one point While the female appeared to be shopping, the male went into the rear warehouse area and urinated on the concrete floor.

The male then reemerged inside the store, walked around a bit before sneaking into the manager’s office. While in the manager’s office, the male sifted through the employees’ purses. The male managed to get away with hundreds of dollars in cash and a tablet smart-device.

[panel style=”danger” title=”UPDATE” text_align=”left”]On Thursday 8/13/2015, suspect Casey Moore was arrested and charged in this offense. Thank you to those who submitted Crime Stoppers Tips, we received several of them!