We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes, and some make more than others. It isn’t about the mistakes we make in life, but rather, it’s how we recover from those mistakes and move ahead in life. Much of what we share online revolves around the mistakes of others. For example, let’s consider our recent arrests publications.

Each month we highlight arrests made by the Aransas Pass Police Department. Our goal in doing so is to remain transparent with our community while providing them with valuable information about the day-to-day activities occurring in and around the City. Additionally, we use monthly arrest reports as a method of deterrence. It’s a way of warning would-be crooks that their crimes will not remain private if committed and caught within Aranas Pass. However, the stigma associated with publishing the information can remain as a crutch for those genuinely trying to turn their lives around.

[blockquote quote=”We all make mistakes, some more than others. However, we all likewise hold the fundamental right given to us by our creator to make amends for our erring ways and turn our lives around, no matter the number of mistakes we make in life. ” source=”Chief Blanchard” align=”left” max_width=”350″]It is not our intent to permanently stigmatize individuals because of their erring ways. Though it is essential for our community to stay informed and sustain open access to public information, the information should in no way serve to hinder someone from turning their life around and attempting to reintegrate with civilized society. To allow this information to do so would be contrary to our mission and constructive, positive policing, period.

Effective immediately, published material that is likely to hinder an individual from recovering from his or her crime or poor choices in life will carry an expiration date. Our goal is to limit as much public information as we can once the expiration date passes. For example, recent arrest publications on this site will expire one year after the publish date.

I am open to your feedback. Feel free to drop me an email by visiting my Chief of Police page. Additionally, if there is information on our website or social media platforms you feel should be considered for removal, email me.