Winter Weather Update from AP

Good morning, AP. Chief Blanchard here with an update on the weather and City’s ongoing efforts.

The City continues focusing on the weather since yesterday. We have essential staff out and working on any issues that may arise. As a result, here’s an update on the City’s status as well as some informational resources for you.

  • Much of AP is without power. This is a result of ERCOT’s mandated rolling outages and affects all of Texas. For extended outages, AEP is focusing on them as they become known. Report outages to AEP direct via or (877) 373-4858.  
  • All non-essential city services are closed today. This means City Hall is also closed. There is staff handling the phones inside City Hall in case you need to call.  
  • The public works staff is working on an issue related to low water pressure in an isolated part of town. We have also received reports of people’s pipes freezing at their homes. Unfortunately, piping issues on your side of the City water meter cannot be addressed by City staff.  
  • Our lift stations may be without power at times. Please limit your water usage and disposal into the sewer system as you are able. If you can put off that shower or doing laundry, please consider doing so.  

Again here is some vital info for you to keep handy:

Chief Blanchard.