Wishing You a Happy and Safe New Year

The Aransas Pass Police Department would like to wish all our residents and followers a safe and Happy New Year.  We want you all to know that we will be out working in force this weekend through Tuesday, the 1st of 2013.  We will be focusing on various areas for enforcement. A few items worth mentioning…

1.  Police will be watching for and buckling down on intoxicated drivers.  If you choose to drive drunk, you will go to jail.  The expense of a DWI is hardly worth the expense of a taxi or worse, your life or the life of another.  Be nobler, driver sober.

2. Discharging firearms within the City Limits is strictly forbidden. When Bullets go up, they must come down and people have been injured and killed from bullets returning to the surface after being shot in the air. Violators will be arrested and their weapons will be seized.

3.  Fireworks.  Aransas Pass Code of Ordinances forbids possession, discharge, and transport of fireworks within the city limits of Aransas Pass, Texas and within the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction) surrounding Aransas Pass, Texas.  The ETJ extends out exactly one mile from the City Limits boundary.  Violating this ordinance will result in your fireworks being seized and destroyed and a fine no less than $25.00.  Parents keep in mind that you are responsible for your minor children under 14 YOA.  This means you will be responsible for receiving the fine.


Happy New Year from your Aransas Pass Police Department and Emergency Services
Happy New Year from your Aransas Pass Police Department and Emergency Services


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If you plan on purchasing and discharging fireworks this New Years, please be sure you check with the county in which to intend to discharge them.  Many counties right now are under burn-bans.  Often times this also includes restrictions on the use of aerial fireworks.
[box style=”notice”]For information on Burn-Bans contact the following:

If in Aransas County, contact 361-729-2222

If in San Patricio County, Contact 361-364-2251

If in Nueces County, Contact 361-887-2222[/box]