New Ordinance – Off-Highway Vehicles

*** UPDATE *** State Law now supersedes this ordinance. Here’s more information on that law: Please view the State’s information here. One can seek license plates for an off-highway or Golf Cart vehicle by visiting the local Department of Motor Vehicle office.

On Monday, April 5th, 2021, Aransas Pass City Council approved the adoption of Ordinance #2021-4346. The ordinance updates section 28-109 of the Code of Ordinances for Aransas Pass and makes way for the allowance of certain vehicles to be operated on public roadways within the City Limits. In addition to golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles and other off-highway vehicles may now be operated in and on certain public roadways within the City Limits of AP. There are a few takeaways one must remember before going out and operating one of these vehicles in the City.

  • This ordinance takes effect on Wednesday, 04/14/2021 immediately upon publication by the City paper of record.
  • An operator must obtain a license plate from the State of Texas DMV office and properly display that plate on the vehicle.
  • Vehicles cannot operate on roadways with speed limits over 35 MPH unless crossing said roadway.
  • Vehicles that operate no faster than 25 MPH must display a reflective slow-moving vehicle placard.
  • Certain lighting and vehicle equipment are REQUIRED (please read the ordinance below).
  • A driver’s license is REQUIRED. Read the recent Attorney General Opinion for details.
  • Violations of the ordinance WILL BE enforced by City police via citations beginning May 14th, 2021. Until that time, you can still be stopped by the police. I’ve only instructed my staff not to issue out citations for this one-month period to allow folks to learn the rules.
  • YES! You can get a DWI while operating one of these vehicles in a public place.

You can learn more about these vehicles and State rules at Texas DMV’s website and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The Ordinance

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