Helpful How-To & Informative Videos

We’ve created these helpful videos to illustrate some of our processes and to guide you on how to safeguard yourself from crime and other public safety hazards. As more videos become available, they will be indexed here.

Standard Response Protocol (SRP)


  • Easy to learn and uses a common language.
  • All the material is accessible online for free
  • Currently in use within the City of AP and APISD.
  • Increases your public awareness and just works.


Sending a Text to 911


  • Include your location in the first message sent!
  • If you don’t get a response, CALL 911!!
  • Don’t ramble on, pay attention to the dispatcher’s questions.
  • Use text-to-911 as a last resort. If you can call, call 911.
  • Pictures and audio messages do not go through to 911.
  • Text-to-911 isn’t available everywhere.




  • Use strong passwords (numbers, symbols, and letters)
  • Be leary of free stuff or offers from emails.
  • If the email seems out of place or odd, VERIFY it!
  • Be careful before clicking on links.
  • Secure your smartphone or device.
  • Always use, at least, a lock passcode on your smart devices!

Helpful Guides for Securing your Smart Devices.

Android-Security (2014 but still relevant)
Apple-Security (2014 but still relevant)

UPDATED INFO: April 2023  CyberSecurity Training



Property Crime Prevention


  • Hide or remove belongings from public view.
  • Document your belongings.
  • Lock your doors, activate alarms, and install cameras.
  • Reinforce doors and frames to harden them against forced entry attempts.
  • Never leave valuables or firearms inside vehicles.
  • And again, LOCK UP YOUR STUFF!


Storm Drainage


  • Flooding in some areas is to be expected due to the manmade berm of 1919.
  • Pumps do not need to be manned, they turn on automatically.
  • Keep storm drains clear of debris and never open clean-outs to drain your yard.
  • Do not play in storm floodwaters. They may be contaminated with sewage.
  • If you have additional questions, reach out to Public Works Director Fernando Quintanilla or Emergency Management Coordinator Capt. Lynn Pearce


Security Cameras


  • Cameras are pretty much essential these days.
  • Pick an easy-to-manage and use system.
  • Cloud systems like Ring, Arlo, Nest, DLink, etc. are robust & offer ease-of-use.
  • Strategically place your cameras.
  • Remember, you can call us if you need help. Ask for David Offalter or Chief Blanchard.