Elite, professional policing through protection, service, and education for those whom have empowered and entrusted us with their safety, preservation of property, life and liberty; respectfully delivered with compassion, commitment, and the utmost of integrity.


Guardians of Our Community – Providing service above self through smart, dynamic, modern, and compassionate policing.


An Aransas Pass Police Department employee shall exemplify our core values: Honor, Commitment, Wisdom, and Compassion.


Shown by virtue of integrity, trust, accountability, and one’s individual devotion to service above self.


The unyielding, steadfast dedication to the challenges incumbent upon our public service mission.


Shown through one’s astute and well-informed decisions and actions while constantly pursuing smart, dynamic policing.


Caring for others during their times of suffering or misfortune, including holding a sincere level of concern and regard for those who would otherwise not reciprocate.

Golden Rule of Decision Making

  1. It’s good for the team & our mission, and I would have it this way for me and/or a family member, under similar circumstances.
  2. The decision/action is both morally and ethically sound.
  3. I can support the decision/action logically and reasonably.
  4. I will own and publicly defend my decision/action, even in the face of distrust and/or extreme opposition.