Animal Services

Our mission

Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, prevent the spread of animal-borne diseases, protect the health and safety of the public by capturing dangerous and stray animals, and to protect animals and promote their humane treatment. Further, to provide temporary shelter for healthy, non-aggressive animals while promoting pet adoptions throughout our community and local rescue organizations. We continuously work to educate the public through educational presentations, material, and Social Media. All activities shall be in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.

Basic operations

In general, city-licensed (registered) animals are held for 10 days and unlicensed animals for 3 business days. After that, the animal’s disposition may be determined by the behavior and health of the animal as well as space within the shelter. If the animal is severely injured or diseased, the holding periods can be waived.


Shelter Beds Needed

You’re donation will bring comfort to one of many furbabies in our shelter.  Please consider donating today.


Contact a local pest control company for those types of issues, we do not deal with them. Then again there is this one fella who helped us one time. Maybe he will help you too! Coastal Bend Bee Removal, 361-775-0148.

Ordinances that pertain to the regulation of animals can be found in Chapter Four (4) of the city code. Just click here, we’ll take you there!

Call us! 361-758-5224 or for serious emergencies, call 911.

Yes. It is a violation of city ordinance to sell animals in a public place without a permit. Visit the building department located at 601 Avenue A and inquire about a peddler’s permit.

Most animals we adopt out will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. If the animal is not spayed or neutered at the time of adoption that responsibility will be placed on the adopter in accordance with state law (Health and Safety Code Section 828.004). Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a citation.

Before trapping, try resolving any issues that bring them to your property including outdoor food sources, water sources, or shelter.

If you do trap, you may contact animal control once the animal has been trapped. All feral cats picked up by animal control are subject to Trap Neuter Release (TNR) unless special circumstances exist. The cat will be taken to a veterinarian for examination, where it will receive shots and be spayed/neutered before being returned to the trap site and released in accordance with state law.

You are required to provide humane care, including food, water, and shelter for the trapped animal until it is picked up. Please, do not set traps during inclement weather, over weekends, or on Holidays. Animal control only picks up animals during business days from 7 AM until Noon. If you trap an animal outside of these times, it must be immediately released on-site. Animal Control does not pick up opossums.

Dogs and cats that are not wearing any identification and are not microchipped remain in our facility for 3-business days. If identifiable or they're microchipped, they remain held for 10-calendar days.


We make every effort to rehome animals from our shelter. Euthanasia is never the first option.

Please visit our online portal to see if your animal is in our custody.  Otherwise, call us at 361-758-5224. In addition, you can call us to report your pet missing.

First, have you tried talking with your neighbor or the animal owner? It’s always best to resolve matters at a neighborly level. Otherwise, notify us, and an officer will go to that location and speak to the dog’s owner. If the issue continues you can file an ordinance complaint through municipal court.
Updated: 12/18/2023.