Property and Evidence

property-and-evidenceThe Property and Evidence Management Technician (EMT) is responsible for maintaining organization and the integrity of property and evidence collected by the police department.  Our EMT is also responsible for transporting evidence to the intended labs for analysis and to court during trial.  When necessary, the EMT also processes evidence for fingerprints, collects biological and trace evidence, and takes evidence to trial.  Lastly, an EMT may be called to assist on large criminal investigations as it would pertain to evidence documentation, collection, and handling.

Complete List of Responsibilities

  • Secure Property and Evidence,
  • Process Property and Evidence,
  • Organize and Maintain Digital Evidence,
  • Manage DEA Drug Take-back Initiative,
  • Recover Stolen Property,
  • Return Property to Owners,
  • Fingerprint Walk-ins
  • Maintain Processing Supplies,
  • Dispose of Old, No Longer Needed Property,
  • Write Reports and Testify in Court for Property and Evidence matters.

Found property

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