Annual Texas Warrant Roundup

Each year, the Aransas Pass Municipal Court participates in the State-wide Texas Warrant Roundup event. This year is no different. This notification shall serve as one’s first warning of the program’s impending start date.

The event will kick-off beginning Friday, February 11th. So, what does that mean if you are one that has a municipal arrest warrant for an unpaid municipal charge? Great question!

From Monday, February 14th through Friday, February 25th, you can freely call, 361-758-2888, or stop in at the Municipal Court offices located at 645 W. Lott Avenue. You WILL NOT be arrested if going into court. The Court will make arrangements for you to resolve your warrant. Again, show up to the court, make arrangements to resolve the warrant, and leave the court no matter the outcome. YOU WILL NOT GET ARRESTED while at the court during this time period.

Contrarily, if you choose not to go to the court and resolve the warrant, officers will seek you out and arrest you beginning Saturday, February 26, 2022. Extra officers are on hand to assist in this operation. The goal and hope are that people utilize the amnesty period to resolve their warrants with the court.