Basic Building Search

The Aransas Pass Police Training Division will be hosting a course on basic building searches.  This course will give officers an overview of the tactics involved with searching buildings and actual hands on experience.  The course involves eight hours of classroom instructional training and eight hours of field searches.  Officers will be equipped with sim-guns and safety equipment to demonstrate the realistic nature of the search and assist in preparing the officer for real-life encounters with violent subjects.

Date and Location:

November 29th – 30th, 2012

Aransas Pass PD
600 W. Cleveland Blvd., Aransas Pass, Texas
361-758-5224 ext. 2402

Course Requirements

  1. Participants must be sworn officers actively working within a police agency,
  2. Must bring note-taking material,
  3. Must bring duty belt with holster, range clothing, long sleeve shirt, athletic protective cup, and bullet resistant vest,
  4. No live ammunition or firearms will be allowed at the on-site training location.  (All sim-guns will be provided.)

Cost of Training per Student:

$16.00 ($1 per hour)

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