Childrens Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend

The Aransas Pass Police Department is one of many agencies in south Texas that utilizes the benefits of the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) of the Coastal Bend.  The CAC provides forensic services to the police department and provides child victims of violent crimes with social services and other support services.  These services are also extended to the families of the victimized child/children.

Unfortunately, the CAC is an over-utilized, yet under-funded organization in south Texas.  In fact, funding for the center comes primarily from Nueces County, yet the center has, for years, refused to turn away children from upwards of 11 other counties in South Texas.  In fact, the CAC of the Coastal Bend is the 3rd busiest CAC in Texas, seeing and providing services for more children than all other CAC’s in cities such as San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and in the Rio Grande Valley cities.

We encourage our residents and other supporters of the AP Police Department to step up and donate to the organization.  Come on out Wednesday October 10, 2012 between 5am and 6:30 pm to show your support at the CAC’s Pinwheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse event.  This event will be held at the KIII News Station in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Find out more about Pinwheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse.