AP Police Receive Crime Control District Grant

At 6:30 p.m., the Aransas Pass Crime Control and Prevention District board approved the Aransas Pass PD technology grant for $325,000.00.  This grant will be for the purchase of 4 new patrol SUV’s, mobile computers for 18 police vehicles, new PD server equipment, new mobile ticket writers for patrol and the courts, a LiveScan system, and software.

This grant will assist in bringing AP Police into modern-day policing.   The equipment will provide for a greater and more expeditious level of service to the community.  This grant also kicks off the departments efforts in going “Green”, as the department plans to go mostly paperless in the very near future.

All technology improvements are projected to be in place by early 2013.  The 4 new police vehicles will be in within the next four to six months.  In addition, we plan on changing the look of our police vehicles to a more traditional black and white appearance.

On behalf the city administration and police department, I thank the members of the Crime Control Board for this great contribution and the residents in this fine community for supporting your local police department through the installation of the crime control and prevention tax.

Again, Thank You!
Eric Blanchard
Chief of Police