Cold Case Closed – George Smith Murder

Back in October of this year, CID Captain Kyle Rhodes received an inmate correspondence from Gilbert Davila AGE 49. Gilbert is serving a life sentence in Huntsville for Capital Murder. Gilbert asked to discuss another murder he committed in 1994.

Back in 1994, Gilbert was suspected in the murder of then 53 YOA George Smith. Unfortunately, the investigators at that time did not feel they had sufficient evidence to pursue charges, and the case went cold. All the evidence and statements at that time pointed to Gilbert.

During one evening in 1994, Gilbert and his estranged wife were separated due to relationship problems. Gilbert made death threats against her for leaving him. As a result, the estranged wife stayed the night elsewhere for her own protection. The following morning, she awoke to the news her step-father, George, had been murdered.

Gilbert reported to investigators during a recent interview in prison that he did not go to the Smith residence with the intention of committing murder. He intended to force his wife to go home with him, but he was also not in his right mind due to drugs and alcohol. While at the Smith residence, things escalated and resulted in him shooting and killing George.

When asked why now, Gilbert explained he had turned his life to God. Gilbert felt it was only appropriate that he resolve his past crimes/sins, and this was one that needed full disclosure.

We commend Gilbert for coming forward to do the right thing. Even more, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Smith family and friends affected by this tragic crime. We hope the ensuing criminal case against Gilbert in this matter will help bring complete closure to the family.

If you have information on other cold or unresolved serious cases that have occurred here in the City limits, contact us. The most prominent cases have been featured online. If you know of one not featured, we’d like to hear about it.