Female Arrested, Obstructing a School Bus

Female Arrested – Obstructing a School Bus


This afternoon, 3/30/2023, around 3:45 pm, officers were sent to W. Matlock and N. 8th Street for a vehicle blocking the pathway of an APISD school bus. While officers were on their way, the information updated to state a female pedestrian was standing in front of the school bus preventing it from continuing its route. The bus was occupied by several students under the age of 17 and two adult employees of the ISD.  

When officers arrived, they identified the offending adult, a 24-Year-old female. She walked away from officers, refusing to cooperate with their investigative stop for obstructing the passage of a school bus. She told the officers she didn’t need to talk to them and continued to resist their instructions.  

Once officers safeguarded a child, her child, who she had removed from the bus, they went to take her into custody. She resisted arrest, fought off officers, and had to be tased to get her safely into custody. While being searched and before being placed inside a police vehicle, she spit on the female officer, transferring her saliva onto the officer.  

The female remains charged with felony unlawful restraint, harassment of a peace officer (spitting), and resisting arrest.  

Given the national climate around school security-related events and how this event unfolded, we take all situations of this nature very seriously. We will pursue criminal charges to the max to protect our APISD students and staff. Additional security measures are in place to beef up security regarding our school buses as they transport children. 

Contact Assistant Chief Aaron Jones or Sgt. Alvin Luker, if you have any questions about this event.