This holiday season the Police Department is working hard at “Flushing Away Misfortune!” Please, don’t be alarmed if you see our grisly looking purple pot show up at your place. It’s a lightly used return that Lowes was kind enough to donate to us for this cause. 😜

As a result, we have embarked upon a new fundraiser which will run from today through Friday, December 7th. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can to help fund our annual Shop With a Cop program, specifically for our Aransas Pass children.

This means all donations received as a result of the Flushing away Misfortune fundraiser will go directly to Shop with a Cop Aransas Pass. There is no such thing as giving too much. All leftover funds will go toward next year’s Shop with a Cop program.

As you can see, we had to do a trial run as we premiered this fundraising event. We are happy to report that our City Council and observing audience were very supportive of the program by starting off with their gracious contributions.

Where will it go next?

Potty Removal Service
$20Per Placement
  • Potty Removal
  • w/i 24 hrs.
  • Potty can Return.
Potty Protection PlanBest Value
$60Per Event
  • Protect against
  • the potty being
  • place at your location.
Potty Placement
$20Per Event
  • You choose
  • where the potty
  • goes next!!
Request Service/Plan or Pledge a Donation